Resources to support network effectiveness and network leaders


A suite of resources to support network effectiveness and network leaders.

offered by COPEScotland




This Suite of resources includes:

The Curiosity Poster A simple tool to invite curiosity about learning more about network effectiveness, network leadership and network weaving.
A tools and resources booklet offering ideas on places to find out more about the issues identified. This includes:
  • Curious to learn more about Network Weaving?
  • Building relationships
  • Evaluating your Network
  • Finding the time
  • Generating Ideas
  • Hassles with Hierarchies
  • Ideas to action
  • Inclusivity and Diversity
  • Network Mapping
  • Peer Support asking for and receiving help as well as offering it.
A reflective workbook offering a CPD log for those leading networks. Contents include:
  1. Chapter 1: Ideas on how to use this workbook
  2. Chapter 2: Understanding my role as a Network Weaver
  3. Chapter 3: Relationship with myself and others
  4. Chapter 4: Understanding my Networks
  5. Chapter 5: Motivating & energising me and my Networks.
  Offered by COPEScotland
This download includes the entire suite of resources. To download these resources individually or to view them online, visit COPEScotland HERE.


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