Weaving Networked Action for Systemic Change – A Practical Guide


This short guide synthesizes the practice of weaving for leaders, social entrepreneurs, and facilitators looking for holistic ways to co-create systemic change.

Written by Namrata Arora & Adrian Röbke as members of The Weaving Lab.


Introduction: Systemic Change Towards a Thriving World

We find ourselves in intensifying personal, societal and ecological turbulence. Our societies are transitioning and natural ecosystems are eroding at an alarming rate. We are at a collective choice point: How we act right now will determine if the planet remains livable for humanity and many other species [1].

On the bright side, many are contributing to societies that honor the fundamental interrelation of people and the planet. Now, there is a great need to share power and re-imagine our systems together. We are called to learn our way into a more beautiful expression of being human together.

Since ancient times, communities of people have gathered to resolve issues, share concerns, celebrate, mourn and partake in each other’s ‘human beingness’. These traditions are rooted in indigenous cultures and continue in many cultures [2]. Based on these lineages, there is a growing body of knowledge that supports emergence through collaboration [3].

Yet, we still lack individual and collective capacities to align across our differences. It is therefore essential to learn how to weave. Weaving entails interconnecting people, projects and places in synergistic and purposeful ways [4]. This short guide introduces you to specific mindsets, skills and practices to catalyze systemic changes.

  This resource contains a downloadable PDF file that offers a link to the online guide.


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