To support Network effectiveness and Network Leaders

To support Network effectiveness and Network Leaders

In 2019 – 2020, COPE Scotland joined a 9-month Network Weaving learning series offered by the  Q Community for health and care leadership in the UK and Ireland.  Facilitated by Kristin Johnstad and other Network Weavers, we learned much about the idea of Network Weaving based on the Network Weaver Handbook  by June Holley. When the learning series was over, some of those who attended felt it would be great to continue sharing our learning with others. 

With June’s permission and the continued support of Kristin Johnstad, we partnered with the Health and Social Care Alliance (The Alliance) to secure Supporting Q Connections Funding and grow new networks working in health and social care and strengthen existing ones. Our focus was to explore challenges in our networks and for those in a network leadership roles. Over the last 18 months, we listened, shared learning, offered peer assist and active learning sessions. As a result, we contextualized and developed a new suite of resources, building onto the excellent work done by so many others. These new resources include:

The Curiosity Poster

A simple tool to invite curiosity about learning more about network effectiveness, network leadership and network weaving.

A tools and resources booklet offering ideas on places to find out more about the issues identified.

This includes:

  • Curious to learn more about Network Weaving?
  • Building relationships
  • Evaluating your Network
  • Finding the time
  • Generating Ideas
  • Hassles with Hierarchies
  • Ideas to action
  • Inclusivity and Diversity
  • Network Mapping
  • Peer Support asking for and receiving help as well as offering it.

A reflective workbook offering a CPD log for those leading networks.

Contents include.

  • Chapter 1: Ideas on how to use this workbook
  • Chapter 2: Understanding my role as a Network Weaver
  • Chapter 3: Relationship with myself and others
  • Chapter 4: Understanding my Networks
  • Chapter 5: Motivating & energising my Networks and me

You can download these materials as a package on Network Weaver HERE.

You can also navigate to Cope Scotland to download the resources individually HERE, as well as have the option to view the resource booklet and reflective workbook as a flipbook. For more information, please contact 

’ A network weaver is someone who is aware of the networks around them and explicitly works to make them healthier [more connected]’’

June Holley

We all have it in us to be Network Weavers and none of us can do this alone. That is why we have each other. We are so excited to be continuing to build on the excellent work already happening around supporting our networks and each other. Lets keep the weaving going as the tapestry we are creating has the potential to change the world.

COPEScotland aims to work with others including the voices of lived experience to help build a kinder world where people suffer less, have improved well-being, share learning for others to adopt and adapt, recognise life can be challenging and seek to develop and share tools to help manage the challenges which can be overcome and reduce the impact of challenges which have no immediate solution.

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