Power of Networks: Interconnectedness Drives Change

Power of Networks: Interconnectedness Drives Change

Our world is beset by societal challenges that are large, complex, dynamic and highly contextual. Networks can play a transformative role in resolving these challenges by sparking an interconnected web of actors and actions. Catalysing networks is key to enabling a sustainable ecosystem with diverse actors who have the capability to sense, synthesise and respond to societal problems by varied means – both normative and descriptive. 

Networks are about relationships and interactions between actors in a system. Interactions can be of any type (e.g., consumes data, creates content, conducts workshops, etc.) which allow us to harness natural community responses and bridge the distance between those who need and actors who can.

In this 90 minutes webinar, Sanjay Purohit, Chief Curator – Societal Platform at EkStep Foundation, discussed the Power of Networks and covered:  

  1. The importance of network effects and the view of a network as units of interactions – moving from 1:many interactions to many:many.
  2. The need to facilitate interactions between and within formal and informal networks, involving state, civil society and markets, to catalyse large-scale systemic change. 
  3. How can digital platforms amplify the impact of these interactions and enable societal change at scale? 

Sanjay Purohit, Chief Curator – Societal Platform, EkStep Foundation talks about the Power of Networks.

Originally published at Societal Platform

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