June’s End of Year Message

June’s End of Year Message

As the year ends, so will my role at the helm of networkweaver shift as I hand over the oversight to the wonderful Leadership Learning Community

It’s been a rewarding journey, working closely with the competent and delightful team of Marie DeMange, Jason Pollack, and Nicole Shanks to co-design the site, keep it operating and full of wonderful stories and resources from the field.

I also want to thank all the Network Weaving Consultants who have joined the site and have taken on the role of providing support and expertise to the ever expanding set of networks around the world who can become stronger and expansive with their guidance.

I will, of course, still be writing (and hopefully more frequently than in the past!) for the blog, developing new resources, and discovering writing and resources by others. Again, I encourage all of you to consider submitting anything you have written about networks – especially about networks that center equity – as we want to expand the number of people writing for the blog. 

I know many of you have benefited from the networkweaver site and/or conversations with me, and I am hoping that you will give a donation in honor of that!  It would be a gift I would truly treasure!

For those who are interested in what I’m going to be writing: 

  • The current title is Transformation: Co-creating a world that is Good for All of Us
  • I’m starting first with the idea of a network self, what that means and how we might see ourselves and interact differently once we start speaking from our network self.  More in the coming months….
  • If you know of articles, books, websites or other resources you think I should be looking at, please send to me juneholley@gmail.com.
  • I’m hoping to experiment with various forms of collaborative writing and will let you know soon how you can be involved, if you are interested.

I’ll be releasing a new site for my writing and consultation soon.

Thank you for you for your continued support of Network Weaver. I look forward to a new year of growth and transformation.

June Holley