Network Weaver Voices

Network Weaver Voices

We thought you might like to hear why some of our 45+ donors gave money to support the networkweaver site, the equity pool and the Network Weaver Community of Practice.  

We hope that these voices will persuade you to join them in giving to support to our continued initiatives!  

Network Weaver is a valuable resource for people yearning to build a better world and wanting to learn from the best of what’s already being done. I appreciate the spirit of inquiry, openness, generosity, and sharing that animates the people who make up this vibrant community.

Brain Stout

Network Weaving brings a body of knowledge, with voices and practices of change makers in the field, to develop new social forms and ways of working in the world. This is both timely and critical for the work ahead of us right now, for the well-being of all people and the earth.

Mary Roscoe, Children in Nature Collaborative

Thank you for all the important work you do!


Thank you for taking this on. In my region in Canada, Network Weaving is still a very new concept (although many of us have been practicing it for a long time!). The site and the guide have been immeasurably helpful for my development as a network leader.

Sarah Leeson-Klym

Thank you for this wonderful resource! 

Avery Cleary

Thank you NetworkWeaver for your years of incredible content and resources! June has been so positively influential in my network work.

David Erlichman, Converge

Thanks for all your great writing and sharing over the years, June. It has been meaningful to the work of our organization, Leading From Within, and the regional network of civic and nonprofit leaders we have been weaving since 2008. 

Ken Saxon,

Well worth the modest support to a magnificent testimony.

Vernon Ringland

As someone who holds and hosts spaces for many communities, especially marginalized voices, it is important to have as many tools as possible to help groups navigate processes and push for social justice and liberation. I love having a national resource in Network Weavers and wanted to donate to give back from a resource that has given me so much.

Terri Thao

I have benefitted a great deal from the Network Weaver website and want it to continue! I have shared this website with many of my evaluation clients as it provides fantastic resources for organizations starting and supporting networks.

Marcia L. Nation, Ph.D. , Principal and Owner, Nation Evaluation Consulting, LLC

We appreciate the great impact our work with June and networks has had on the development of our mission and services, and this is a literal way to pay tribute!  As a social enterprise, the reach of this network has helped clients find us who might not have otherwise. 

Circle Forward,