June’s Personal Ask

June’s Personal Ask

The networkweaver site has been a gift of love to all of you who have been working so hard to engage people in co-creating a world that is good for all of us.  

As many of you know, I have been practicing (and learning from) network strategies for almost 40 years — and have gladly shared what I have learned with you on this site!

So many of you have contributed to this site as well — sharing your experience in the blog or contributing new resources.

Now that I am spending all my time writing, I won’t be able to continue to finance this site.

Leadership Learning Community, a collective that has played such an important role in developing the field of network leadership centering equity, has agreed to continue the site…but needs to raise the funds to continue.

LLC is an excellent fit with the values of networkweaver:  they center equity and a leaderful networked approach to leadership; they see networks as a critical path forward; and their mission is aligned closely with ours. 

I’m wondering if you would consider donating so that we can continue this site.

Some of you may wish to be a sponsor of the site, contributing $500-$5000 a year, and having your logo listed in a section of sponsors. If so please let me know!

In addition, if you know of funders or donors who might want to sponsor the site, please let me know or contact Ericka Stallings: ericka@leadershiplearning.org or Deborah Meehan:deborah@leadershiplearning.org directly.

Finally, if you can forward this message, or share the donation link, or this blog, to those you think might support us, please do.

Thank you,

June Holley