Toolkits and Workbooks – Self-Organizing and Systems Change


A package of toolkits and workbooks to assist your networks and collaborative projects in systems change and self-organizing.


Toolkits and Workbooks Free Resources Package
Self-Organizing and Systems Change
Folder a:
  1. Blueprints for Change Manual
  2. Coaching For Awareness- Based Systems Change
  3. Decentralized Organizing in Moments of Crisis
  4. Design Principles For Clever Network Actions
  5. Embracing Failure In Systems Change
  6. A Future for All of Us
  7. Leading Culture and Systems Change
  8. Movement Building Canvas 
  9. Network Building Canvas
Folder b:
  1. Network Toolkit (offered by Converge)
  2. Network Toolkit for Network Weavers
  3. Power of Networks: Interconnectedness Drives Change
  4. Powerful Questions for Purposeful Leaders
  5. Principles for Ecosystem Governance
  6. Self-Organizing Toolkit
  7. Toolkit for Self-Organizing
Folder c:
  1. Reclaiming Choice And Agency In A Networked World
  2. Change Networks Playbook 
  3. SYSTEMS CHANGE & DEEP EQUITY: Pathways Toward Sustainable Impact, Beyond “Eureka!,” Unawareness & Unwitting Harm
  4. Understanding Movements
  5. Value And Impact Of The Purpose Built Community Of Practice: 2019-2021
  6. Weaving Networked Action For Systemic Change – A Practical Guide
  7. Wisdom Pearls Of The River Delta ap_spacing spacing_height=”5px”]


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